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General ongoing coordination

Last things to do

see LastToDo for things to be done from friday morning until the end of the event.


* We need around 5500 $ (see the Budget)

  • Marc and David will be added as signatures to the bank account

How much we expect

By default ask people for $500

  • WikiHow : 1500 USD Who is following up?
  • About Us 1500 USD Who is following up? John will ask MarkDilley how tha'ts going
  • Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware (C/O MarcL): 500 USD
  • ConFoo: 500 CAD ConFoo also needs an invoice from Jon
  • WMF : 500 USD (needs an invoice) from Jon
  • Blue Oxen covering John's travel expenses (Eugene can send him receipts directly)

actual total is : 4500

  • Wikia -> John A. will follow up, with contact info from Cary
  • -> Anne asked Evan
  • Koumbit : Marc asked $500.


Follow up with wikiHow at regarding their party planning and how it fits in the schedule.

What is being done for the sponsors?

  • Someone else is presenting each sponsor at the opening circle.
  • Thank them again at the closing circle.
  • Invite them to bring leaflets, swag, etc. - have a table for that!

Banner with all their logos at the registration table would be nice, but not enough time . Maybe just do print logos on standard white paper and put on wall or door near registration table? Make sure sponsors know what they are getting.


see Location


see Food

  • What ?
  • pizza : We can't have pizza every day
  • Wrap? Pre-made sandwiches?
  • We won't have to pay for coffee


  • Breakfast and all day: Bagels, Pastries, coffee, Tea, Juice, Fruit
  • Friday Lunch : Catering food
  • Saturday Lunch: Open Space - give some ideas about places to go
    • Je propose d'imprimer une carte des environs, avec OpenStreetMap, et de faire comme à Brixton: permettre à tous d'y ajouter des restaurants et autres points d'intérêt. J'aurai besoin d'un mur pour installer ça, et je cherche un ou deux babillards sur lesquels épingler! --Nicolas Marchildon
  • Sunday : Delivery food (Indian? Sri Lankan? Pizza?)


  • planning translation policy ?
    • Fred volonteered to translate the title of a session outload to the group.
  • Announce it on the website, and on site !
    • French, english on site: think about the organisation of it.
    • needs help becoming dual language.
  • Create a wiki page for volunteers:


  • Swag - Glass Plate Game
  • Offer (10?) games at the beginning; priority to people who might play the game this weekend.
  • Ask that if they play the game, during a session or not, please write up notes on your experience, and feedback, on the wiki.
  • Volunteers (translators, etc.) all get one.
  • Marc may have some Tiki T-Shirts
  • Someone (Cary?) mentioned he would have T-shirts

List of material to buy

People with experience: please complete this list

  • paper board
  • name tag related supplies (unless some one is volunteering to handle this): White paper, plastic things with pins
  • Sticker paper for making wiki specific stickers for name tag branding (should be made in advance by name tag person. .)
  • Pens, pencils, markers (not a buy so much as finding some one to bring. Last year, Laura brought and AboutUs provided a lot of this)
  • Large newsprint sheets of paper / big a$$ sticky notes.
  • Stickers of logos of peoples projects - to put on name badges
  • Juice
  • Any food related supplies that don't come with food (is anyone bringing food? Or is there non-catered food onsite? If yes, then may want paper napkins, plastic forks, etc.)


Mark Dilley will share the files he has Andrée volunteers to print (an evening at David's place will be held to make the stickers)

Preparation / Onsite work

  • Nametags - who is responsible for making?
  • Writing on the wiki hw to get there.
  • giving phone contact just in case for lost people.
  • Signs pointing out how to get to the location inside the facility
  • Handout or signs regarding how to connect to wifi
  • Moving any chairs around to facilitate open space
  • Registration table set up with nametags, stickers, general greeting of people who are attending and reassuring that they are in the right place, holder for extra pens.

general space setup

  • capacity = 200

beanbags (couch)

    • StationC? Anne has contact them to see if they can sponsor that.²
    • Perhaps Marc L. will bring 1 or 2 bean bags (no promises)
    • Who is bringing these?


  • Access to fridge ? ustensile ? juice ?


  • IleSansFil -- conclusion on Monday meeting.

Projection possibilities

Marc will bring one projector. The venue has something to project on.


We didn't rent the venue sound system

time planning of the 3 days

What else on this ToDo list

  • Decide if there is a party Saturday night...
    • I would rather suggest good jazz festival places to attend or interesting geek places to hang on at --AnneGoldenberg

this past event todo list may also help in not forgetting something

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