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Rencontres sur la Collaboration, la Créativité et l'Autogestion 2010

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Leadership team // Équipe de focalisation

The leadership team has these members // L'équipe de focalisation est constituée des personnes suivantes:

English : The buck starts and stops with them. When decisions need to be made, they are the ones to make them. Their primary responsibilities include 1) Getting the venue, 2) Arranging for food, 3) Finding an Open Space facilitator, 4) Dealing with sponsors. // Français : Tout commence et finit par et avec ces personnes. Ce sont elles qui prennent les décisions. Leurs responsabilités comprennent : 1) Trouver, réserver et louer l'espace de la rencontre, 2) Coordonner la nourriture, 3) Trouver une personne pour focaliser le Forum Ouvert, 4) S'occuper des commandites.


Support team

The support team is completely voluntary. People can move in and and out of this team. Support team members are asked to help provide information to assist the leadership team, to help with outreach to promote RecentChangesCamp, to help find sponsors, to bring supplies to the event, to edit the wiki, etc. The following people are associated with the support team:

Planning assistance

Most of the planning for RecentChangesCamp 2010 is taking place in #wiki on Additional planning is taking place on this wiki on talk pages. The RecentChangesCamp planning list may also have some announcement and requests for assistance.

Is anyone maintaining an archive of the relevant conversation on #wiki (e.g. here on the wiki? didn't see anything likely-looking...). Are things as quiet as they seem on the planning front? What if any help is needed to move things along a step? --John Abbe.

Assistance needed

We need help in the following areas:

Translation Team // Équipe de traduction

  • Fred Mir is leading this part and is looking for 1-2 more people to help do live interpretation (English <==> French) of the full group circles. He is also attempting a translation of this very wiki. Help welcome ! // Fred Mir focalise cet aspect de l'évènement et aurait besoin d'une ou deux autres personnes pour l'aider à assurer l'interprétation (français <==> anglais) en grands cercles. Il a aussi entrepris la traduction du présent wiki.

Translation tips // Trucs de traduction

As far as the menu is concerned, what isn't automatically translated when you select French as your default language may be create using the MediaWiki namespace by appending /fr to the MediaWiki page title

See <> for the names of the relevant pages.

For instance, I created <> and replaced the page with the word "Équipe". Right now that links to the "Team" page. To direct it to an alternate page, create <>. Unfortunately, the page will not automatically update when the English page updates, and vice versa. You need Admin rights in order to do that, however.

The Wikimedia sites use some strange magic that I haven't fully gotten my head around to have automatic translations per page based on account preferences (But one must still have an account in order to register preferences in French).

Logged out, pages may be viewed by appending ?uselang=fr to the end, but that disappears the moment you click a link.

So, there are some ideas to start with to get the bilingual site started

Cary Bass from Wikimedia


  1. Following up with previous sponsors to see if they would like to sponsor RecentChangesCamp again.
  2. Improve the history of RecentChangesCamp page.
  3. Once the venue is set, improving the wiki to highlight the venue location, options for where to stay, and adding information visas/passports for visitors from outside of Canada.
  4. Once the venue is set, promoting the event.
  5. Once the venue is set, writing an invitation to send to people.
  6. Create a LinkedIn event page so outreach can take place on those services.
  7. Updating the Twitter account with new information as it becomes available.

Leadership goals

One of the goals of the leadership team is to define expectations for RecentChangesCamp clearly so that no one will be disappointed. We believe that RecentChangesCamp works best when people realize that it is an event built on the ideas of Open Space. Our goals are to find a space that best facilitates Open Space, and to have food options that will help assist in networking.

Our priorities are not fancy name tags, parties, or swag. These are all extras that are not required by Open Space. If they happen, they happen. If some one really wants these things to happen as part of RecentChangesCamp, some one will contact the Leadership Team and help make those things happen. We'd love some of those things but they are not necessarily at the heart of what makes RecentChangesCamp successful. What does is following the principles of Open Space and getting the right people there.

Our goal is to run RecentChangesCamp 2010 at no cost to attendees. We are trying to rely on sponsors to help cover these costs. We want to make the event as accessible as we can to everyone and to follow in the tradition of not charging that previous RecentChangesCamps have established.

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