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  • How to launch a territorial wiki for Montreal ? -- AnneGoldenberg
    • I'm interested, and can talk a little about the genesis of -Peteforsyth
    • I have a longish history with CivicWikis, including PortlandWiki - and would be interested in this as well. MarkDilley
  • What will be the real impact of the Québec Superior Court's recent ruling about Open Source? -- Marclaporte
  • How can wikis, Wikipedia, and related resources be best used as a teaching tool? What is the best approach to outreach around this? I am doing a great deal of work in this area, and am interested in the wiki community's insights, experiences, etc. See [1] and [2]. -Peteforsyth
  • Wiki motivation I: What motivates people to contribute to wikis? How can we maximize those things without jeopardizing the wiki? --Krystle
  • Wiki motivation II: What demotivates people from contributing to wikis? How can we minimize those things without jeopardizing the wiki? --Krystle
  • Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware: Software made the wiki way -> What's new in Tiki 5? --Marclaporte
  • The Power of Naming in wiki and Wagn. -JohnAbbe
  • Scaling Ourselves. How can Wiki community leaders teach others to be them? Cary Bass
  • Wiki Map, or OpenStreetMap, and the beneficial effects of this project on mobile applications, transportation planning, maps in general, and business models. --Nicolas Marchildon
  • BigBlueButton is an open source real-time collaboration tool. (Audio/Video/Screensharing/Chat) --Marclaporte
  • MarkDilley is considering these sessions if people are interested:
  • Alain Désilets would like to talk about:
  • Wow - WikiLeaks rocks - how to support it?
  • DavisWiki founders won Knight Grant Application - how can we connect?
  • Open Source Appropriate Technology for sustainable development, Knowledge Commons/ Open Acces, Collaborative Enterprises, Service Learning, Online Database set-up/ organization - Ivana Zelenika
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