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RethinkingTheLink Session.jpg

Rethinking the link

Mark is channeling Ward Cunningham's presentation, also blogged here.

Ray Fielding


Is broken wrong?

In wiki, 0 is an invitation (red vs blue)

Pain in the neck for developers : have to check each link.

Extending colour code

Orange links: have to choose. Many.

Collision as a social process.

Introducing a social jargon.

In wiki culture, acronyms are evil. But in a social jargon, it makes sense.

Your writing ties in to my glossary. Readers can learn what I mean.

Social links: Talking to friend: I can choose my or his or canonical definition.

Ward accepts 2 meanings for Wiki: Generic vs Portland Pattern Repository

(You only see orange links for my own text.)

If I chose his meaning, it gets added to my glossary.

Auto linking (no special syntax)

not the same as linking every word. Only jargon.

words flow through community

(Use CamelCase since no syntax)

No backlink from glossary yet.

Glossarie defns are per-user...

Word defined later: no notification. But return to page, new orange link.

Is this important?

Eg : long nouns, anaphore (not treated.)

avoid ambiguity. Use adjectives, syntax, etc.

But casual writing endures ambiguity

Interaction! Compact casual speech with interactive clarification.

community-clarified jargon

accelerated evolution of language


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