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I put some names as possible coordinator of the task.


On the wiki - David ?

  • Writing on the wiki how to get there.
  • giving phone contact just in case for lost people.

Space Setting - Marc ?


  • Moving any chairs around to facilitate open space
  • Registration table
  • GPG table
  • Food table
  • Agenda wall + market place
  • 5-6 sessions spaces (A,B,C,D)
  • relaxing space (with 6 bean bags)

Registration table - Marc ?

    • with DIY nametags, stickers, holder for extra pens.
    • finish to cut the little logos
    • general greeting of people who are attending and reassuring that they are in the right place

To print (write) and post - fred

  • Signs pointing out how to get to the location nearby the facility
  • set a list of places to eat nearby
  • set a list of nice places to go at night
  • law of two steps,
  • what is an open space
  • 4 rules...

Sessions spaces - Ben ?

  • get easel from CSCS (ask martin)
  • hang paper sheet
  • give the space a letter
  • give each space 2 pen

Relaxing area - Brian ?

  • install the 6 bean bags
  • make sure the space is confortable

wifi - Robin

  • check if it works
  • Handout or signs regarding how to connect to wifi

Set the agenda wall - Anne

  • where, how ?
  • webcam in front of the agenda ?
  • market of Ideas
    • Not sure of how this is working
    • for Mailing list, announcement, news...?

Food and coffee table - Martin ?

  • put the food in the fridge
  • set food table
  • make coffee
  • boil water for tea
  • buy sugar (depanneur nearby)
  • have milk disposed in a fresh place
  • get cheese, bagels, jam disposed on the table
  • wash the fruits

GPG as a Swag - Nelson ?

  • print a note saying who to write comment. (caploc at peak dot org )
  • organize the sets
  • set a note saying "Free wiki-like collaborative game - to be edited "
    • how to contribute to Glass plate game:
    • organize the sets
      • (each set should countain : cubes, cards, color square, explanation notice, rococo sticker, caploc @ peak dot org adress )
    • write numbers and letters (O,P,C) on the cube
    • play the game
    • get a game
    • share the game in your community
    • give feed backs to the game creator
    • improve the game
  • Set distribution at Rococo : perhaps just by playing the glass plate game... those who will feel interested will get one

Facilitation - Anne & John

  • translation policy ?
  • sponsor presentation ?
  • welcome everyone (marc ???)
  • explain how an open space work
  • check at the agenda setting on the wiki
  • how do we say that sessions are over ? (with the small bell ?)
  • Anne and John: take some time alone, before the event start to relax before starting the facilitation

Food to buy - Renoir

for food and coffee table

  • sugar, more milk
  • more fruit juice ?
  • more vegetables ...


  • decide for saturday and sunday distribution

sunday lunch

  • who is ordering that ?

sunday afternoon

  • we announced beer when it is not allowed !


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